This was no simple task! A massive undertaking for myself and Park Village.

The shoot was split across four days and when I say days, the first shoot, the night shoot, in the scrapyard was 35 hours in total for myself and producer Pete Ryan. The next two days were studio based, the first of which was 22 hours and the other 19 hours. The final shoot day, which comprised of all the highspeed shots was a leisurely 12 hours for myself, Nicholas Bennett DOP and Stephen from LOVE HIGH SPEED. There were huge challenges to overcome, not only organising the cast and crew’s schedules for all the days, everything was being done on favours and people were giving their free time to make it happen. But also finding a scrapyard that would allow us to blow up a car, after trawling most in London, we found a place outside of Luton, amazingly we got the help of the local fire brigade to assist and make sure the burn was safe. We also had luck on our side as it was the only dry night for the entire month, we had 15 mins of spitting and that was it, the next night and the one before we torrential. The studio days were not much easier due to the amount we had to shoot, the various sets that needed to be built and dressed along with the different lighting setups, which each scene needed to have. The crew was unbelievable and we all pulled together to make it happen.